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What is VoterCircle?

VoterCircle is a digital tool that elevates friend-to-friend outreach over traditional campaign-to-voter contact.

Why is it important?

Traditional door knocking and canvassing yields an average of 5 voter contacts per hour. With friend-to-friend outreach tools like VoterCircle, you can reach hundreds of people in just a couple minutes.

How does it work?

VoterCircle allows you to match your email contacts against our campaign's voter file to see which of your friends are eligible voters in Illinois. Once VoterCircle identifies those contacts, you can send our pre-written emails to all of your friends in Illinois with the click of a button.

Are my contacts confidential?

To make sure that campaign supporters feel comfortable importing their contacts, VoterCircle makes sure that no one will ever see who your contacts are, the data is not collected and the privacy of your contacts remains intact.