The American Dream

Our nation’s strength has been built upon the American Dream, the belief that citizens can achieve success and prosperity through equal access to opportunities and a willingness to work hard.  My family experienced this first hand – my father is a first-generation American who did not graduate from high school or college, but he worked two jobs so that he could provide opportunities for his family.  My parents believed in that American Dream, and they instilled those beliefs in me. As Attorney General, I will work to increase opportunities for everyone so more Americans can achieve their dreams.

The American Dream starts with equal access to a good, affordable education.  As Attorney General, I will work to ensure that the State of Illinois meets its payment obligations to our schools and teachers so that they have the resources necessary to educate our youth. I will stand up for and protect the rights of students who need additional assistance with their education.  I will band together with the Attorneys General of other states to fight Trump-era policies targeting our college students, including policies making it more difficult for Illinoisans to erase student loans from colleges that conducted fraudulent behavior.

I will proudly protect the rights of Illinois workers. As Attorney General, I will enforce existing labor laws including minimum wage and overtime standards, occupational safety, and the right to equal pay. For the American Dream to flourish, our workers must have access to equal opportunities – and that includes equal pay for equal work. Further, our workers are guaranteed the ability to organize, and I will oppose any efforts to diminish that ability, including any “right-to-work” zones.  “Right-to-work” zones are meant to separate and divide our workers, rather than empower them and protect their rights.  I will work hard to fight wage theft and will do everything in my power to protect workers.

We must continue to respect the rights of our workers after retirement and the rights of our veterans after service. I will stand up against attempts to break our promises to our seniors or veterans, and I will fight to protect our citizens from fraud, neglect, and reduced benefits.  Our seniors handed down the American Dream, our veterans fought for it, and it is up to us, for our next generation, to protect it.