Reproductive Freedom

I believe that when government intrudes into reproductive health care, and specifically when it robs an individual of their bodily autonomy, it robs them of their freedom. Reproductive health care, regardless of gender identity, is an issue that should remain private between doctors and patients. Therefore, true justice for the people of Illinois must include full protection under the law for each person to determine when, or if, they wish to have children.

As Attorney General, I will use every tool and resource of the office to protect this fundamental right and recognize that this issue is about much more than choice. It is truly a question of reproductive and economic justice – and the people of Illinois will have my unconditional support to fight on the side of justice.

Advocates have worked tirelessly in the last few years to protect reproductive freedom, expand equity in access, and ensure all medical options and information is never withheld. Across the state, we are seeing efforts to stop these laws in the courts. As Attorney General, I will defend these gains with the full force of the office. This includes HB40 as well as the recent changes to the Right of Conscience Act.

Furthermore, I will aggressively pursue any entities – including so called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” – who fail to meet these standards under the law. Additionally, it is time to make sure that patients entering health care facilities can do so without harassment. These protestors seek to harass and obstruct access to safe and legal services and as such I will do everything in my power to ensure that the patient’s rights are not infringed. No person should have to endure harassment when seeking health care.

Finally, when the federal government enacts policies that attempt to limit access to reproductive healthcare, create undue burdens, or otherwise seek to limit reproductive freedom, I will use all of the resources of the Attorney General’s office to “build a wall” of safety around all those affected by these attacks to ensure that reproductive health care is safe, affordable, and accessible for all. If necessary, I will file suit against the Trump administration to halt any action that robs the people of Illinois of their reproductive freedom.