Battling Corruption & Promoting Transparency

As Attorney General, I will have zero tolerance for corruption – private or public – and I will work to bring more openness and transparency to state government. Illinois has a long, notorious history of public corruption. As a federal prosecutor, I spent years investigating and prosecuting white-collar crime, so I know firsthand the kind of corruption that takes place in the private sector as well. That’s why, as Attorney General, I will root out corruption wherever I find it, and I will increase transparency so we know what our government is doing and how our government is spending our tax dollars.

As I watch the Trump administration show no capacity for ethical behavior, whether by undermining the rule of law or by having a complete disregard for the truth, I understand – now more than ever – how important it is to have an Attorney General that will unapologetically fight for the simple principles of justice and public accountability. I believe government should exist not to serve elected officials or rich and powerful special interests, but should exist to serve the public interest. Government should exist as an institution that always act in our best interests, and I believe the best way to make sure it’s accountable to us is to make sure government is open and transparent. That way we can make our voices heard if government is on the wrong track.

To battle public corruption in Illinois, I will build upon the “sunshine” laws currently in place and advocate for more openness – starting with the Office of the Attorney General. I will establish an Open Government Advisory Council to consider anti-corruption policies such as developing an independent anti-corruption panel that evaluates conflicts of interest and publishes public advisory council opinions on corruption issues. Additionally, I will work to ensure that Illinois is at the forefront of Open Government initiatives by publishing a mid-term self-assessment report on open government within the Office of the Attorney General. Further, I will hold those doing business in Illinois to the same high ethical standards Illinois residents expect their government to have.

Building on past successes while bringing new ideas of transparency to Illinois will ensure honesty and integrity in government. Increasing and preserving the public trust for all of our institutions is important to make our state successful, and I will not tolerate those who seek to take advantage of the people of Illinois – whether private or public actors.