Renato is a Chicago native, born into a blue-collar family on the South Side. His father, a first-generation American who didn’t graduate from high school, worked as a barber and a newspaper deliveryman to help support his family while his mother answered phones at a local insurance agency.

After moving to the suburbs Renato excelled in school and was accepted into the University of Chicago. He and his parents worked extra jobs to help afford his college tuition and he graduated with honors in 1998, earning entry into Yale Law School.   


Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner put the interests of the rich and powerful above our families. We must use the legal system to protect our future. That’s why I want to be your Attorney General.



  • Mueller won this motion several different ways and he only needed to win one of them. A pretty easy (and expected)…
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  • There was no “hidden message” because the message was right there for the whole world to see.
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  • This could be an effort to push any report from Mueller about obstruction of justice until after the midterms. It's…
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  • If Trump did not have a policy of separating families at the border, how can he reverse that policy?
    1 day ago

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