Renato is a Chicago native, born into a blue-collar family on the South Side. His father, a first-generation American who didn’t graduate from high school, worked as a barber and a newspaper deliveryman to help support his family while his mother answered phones at a local insurance agency.

After moving to the suburbs Renato excelled in school and was accepted into the University of Chicago. He and his parents worked extra jobs to help afford his college tuition and he graduated with honors in 1998, earning entry into Yale Law School.   


Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner put the interests of the rich and powerful above our families. We must use the legal system to protect our future. That’s why I want to be your Attorney General.



  • 1/ This isn't a legal strategy. It's a PR strategy. It is unprecedented for the subject of an investigation to dema…
    23 hours ago
  • Why would Giuliani admit that publicly? It shows Trump's intense interest in interfering in the Mueller investigati…
    24 hours ago
  • "Collusion" has no legal meaning. But if the word means anything, wouldn't Roger Stone's requests to Wikileaks for…
    1 day ago
  • Roger Stone sought hacked emails from the leader of a hostile foreign intelligence service. It is a federal crime t…
    1 day ago
  • Our national conversation has been hijacked by an outright falsehood propagated by the President of the United Stat…
    1 day ago
  • Why did they need to appear in person to send that message? It appears that it was meant to emphasize to Trump's Co…
    1 day ago
  • The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.
    1 day ago
  • Don't the Republicans in Congress care about the precedent this sets for our nation? The president is using a Congr…
    1 day ago
  • It is completely inappropriate for a lawyer representing a subject of the investigation to attend the congressional…
    1 day ago
  • This gives them an opportunity to ask questions that the others might find inappropriate.
    1 day ago

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